How IT Support Companies Charge For Their Services –Part 1 Of 2

Before you can accurately compare the fees, services and deliverables of one IT services company to that of another, you need to understand the two predominant pricing and service models most of these companies offer. Many companies offer a blend of the two, while others are strict about offering only one service plan. 

Understanding IT Service Models: Break-Fix vs. Managed Services

1. Time and Materials (Break-Fix):

  • Description: IT companies offer "break-fix" services, addressing issues as they arise, priced hourly.
  • Scope: Varied, from specific problem resolution to large projects (e.g., software upgrades).
  • Pros: Flexibility, potential for negotiated hourly rates.
  • Cons: Expensive for multiple issues, potential for junior technicians, no preventive focus, unpredictable costs, lower priority.

2. Managed IT Services (MSP):

  • Description: Full outsourcing of IT, covering troubleshooting, setup, security, backup, help desk, and network maintenance.
  • Scope: Comprehensive, handling all aspects of IT infrastructure.
  • Pros: Proactive issue prevention, fixed monthly costs, dedicated support team, IT roadmap, compliance assurance.
  • Cons: Requires a contractual commitment.

Considerations for Choosing:

  • Break-Fix Pros: Pay-as-you-go, easy provider change for microbusinesses with simple needs.
  • Break-Fix Cons: Potential high costs, slow issue resolution, increased likelihood of major problems, challenging budgeting, lower priority.


  • Break-Fix: Ideal for microbusinesses with simple needs and sporadic issues but comes with potential downsides such as higher costs, slower resolution, and increased risk.
  • MSP: Suited for businesses seeking proactive, comprehensive IT support, budget predictability, and a dedicated team ensuring system stability and compliance.

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